Move peer table to storage


Currently, Orion keeps the list of peers in memory. This works ok for a standalone node but it creates a failure point when using Orion in a cluster setup (e.g. behind a load balancer).

If we move the peer table to the storage, it won't change the way standalone Orion behaves. However, it will bring a lot of value when using 2 or more nodes with a shared relational database.

The peer table is represented by a mapping <key, url>, mapping a public key to a node url.

When updating the peer list, we should follow the same algorithm that we have today (improving the algorithm is out-of-scope). This is the current algorithm:

  1. For each node <key,url> in the list received in the /partyinfo request:

    1. If the key exists in the database, do nothing, else

    2. If the key doesn't exist, create a <key,url> entry

(note that we don't override existing mappings to avoid malicious nodes trying to screw with the peer table)

Done Criteria

  • Orion storing its peer list into storage, either LevelDB or relational database

  • No extra config needed, it should just happen

  • On subsequent starts, Orion should use the previously existing list of peers

Open Questions

  • Should we have a config option to say "Delete the existing table and start fresh"?




Lucas Corte Real Saldanha



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