Can't get mainnet sync to complete


My apologies if this is not the best place for this!

I've been trying for several days now to get besu to sync with mainnet, using "besu --sync-mode=FAST", without success. "FastImportBlocksStep" does seem to complete, with a message like "PipelineChainDownloader | Chain download complete"

Then, unfortunately, "CompleteTaskStep" (which looks like it is trying to download a recent state trie), which has appeared intermittently throughout, takes over and seems to get very close, I've gotten as far as 99.99%. But it does not, actually, complete. It eventually restarts (presumably trying to load state from a different state route), and despite days of this, there's no indication it will ever succeed.

If I kill and restart besu without the "--sync-mode=FAST" flag, I get errors like "FullSyncTargetManager | Disconnecting 0x3a297f7c253c3d8fd1... because world state is not available at common ancestor at block 8963345", which I gather is caused by mixing an incomplete fast sync with a request to full sync.

If I run as "besu --rpc-http-enabled --rpc-http-host= " and try to hit the node with a client app, I get 403s, presumably I'm forbidden to hit the API until sync completes, but I can't get sync to complete.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to propose besu as the basis for a permissioned, enterprise blockchain, but successfully handling mainnet would provide helpful evidence that it can handle the scale we might want to throw at it. I'm sorry again if this is not the best place to seek support.

Many thanks.




Steve Waldman



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